From The Sea To The Mountains

The first two questions pertain to the proposed 2018 Fall Tour--From the Sea to the Mountains. Other questions pertain to activities that you would like to see the Hurricanes do.

The  2018 fall tour is proposed to last ten days in November, straddling two weekends. The route will cover our state from East to West, starting on the East Coast and ending in the mountains.  For the most part, we'll be driving country roads recommended by members from individual areas. Tour attendees will be able to do the entire tour or just portions of it. Overnight locations will be chosen not only for their geographic location but also for their  attractions of interest. This questionnaire's purpose is to gauge the level of membership interest prior to planning the tour.

* 1. I am interested in participating in (Choose one):

* 2. Great Idea! I suggest the following towns for overnight stays:

* 3. I would like to see the Hurricanes plan future tours to the following destinations:

* 4. I would like to see the Hurricanes do more of the following (Can check more than one):