100% of survey complete.

* 1. The opinions of parents/community really count.

* 2. Parents/Community have ample opportunity to voice their opinions.

* 3. Parents/Community can make a real difference in the way our school district operates.

* 4. Parents/Community feel that there is a partnership between them and the school district.

* 5. There is enough information available in the media, district website and district/building newsletters to help me understand what is going on in the district.

* 6. A wide range of activities are offered to students.

* 7. Students/Parents know exactly what is expected of them.

* 8. Members of the district's staff are models of respectful and responsible behavior and conduct themselves in a professional manner when dealing with students and the public.

* 9. Teachers contact parents to discuss their children's progress.

* 10. Teachers communicate with parents by e-mail or written notes.

* 11. Parents/Community members feel welcome when they visit the school.

* 12. Administrators at the school are helpful.

* 13. The support staff at the school-custodians, clerks, cafeteria staff-seem to care about the students.

* 14. The school buildings are kept clean.

* 15. Teachers seem to enjoy teaching at the school.

* 16. The school is safe and orderly.

* 17. In general, the school district staff, including the Board of Education are approachable and professional in their dealings with the public.

* 18. Central Office staff, including the Superintendent, Directors, and support staff are helpful and accommodating.

* 19. I currently have students enrolled in the following buildings in the Fort Madison Community School District.

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