Thanks for coming to fill out this quick survey on your experiences playing The Last Straw!

We will use your feedback to improve the game in future iterations. Really exciting quotes may be used ANONYMOUSLY in papers about the game, in other similarly semi-public spaces, or on our website, which you can check out at

Thanks again for your input!

* 1. What were your initial thoughts about the game? How did it feel to play? What did you learn from it?

* 2. Now that all those weeks/months/years have passed, what are some of the key messages you recall from it?

* 3. Has the game has come up in discussion in subsequent classes or work? Have there been any experiences in your work or placements that caused you to draw links to the game? Did the game stimulate your thinking in other ways?

* 4. Anything you absolutely loved about the game?

* 5. Anything you didn't like or would change about the game?

* 6. Where did you play the game? Anything else you want to add about who you are?

* 7. Did you facilitate the game?