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* 1. How did you hear about Say It With Wood?

* 2. What made you decide to order through Say It With Wood?

* 3. Was your Say It With Wood order for personal or business use?

* 4. Were you happy with the lead time from when you placed your order to delivery/collection of your items?

* 5. Upon receipt of your items, was your order what you were expecting?

* 6. Were you happy with the price?

* 7. The cost of buying standing timber is rising (due to wood fuel), would a price increase put you off ordering?

* 8. Please specify which gardening / forestry / fencing publications you read? (if any. Please also include any online publications)

* 9. In what ways do you think Say It With Wood could improve? E.g Any extra products you think we should offer? Did you find the website easy to use? Were staff helpful?

* 10. Which of the other services and products Say it with Wood offer are you aware of ?