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* 1. Do you feel the Internet is an easy way to communicate with others who are affected by lupus?

* 2. If no, why not?

* 3. Have you participated in an LFA Webchat before?

* 4. If no, why not? (select all that apply)

* 5. Would you recommend LFA Webchats to a friend?

* 6. If no, why not?

* 7. Do you read the Webchat transcripts after they’ve been posted?

* 8. If no, why not?

* 9. What else could LFA do to engage more people in Webchats? (select all that apply)

* 10. At what time would you prefer to attend a Webchat?

* 11. Please rate your interest on the following Webchat topics, with "1" being "not at all interested" and "5" being "extremely interested."

  1 2 3 4 5
Coping with Lupus
New Lupus Research and Treatment
Social Security / Disability / Medicaid Issues for People with Lupus
Men and Lupus
Teens and Lupus
Heart Disease and Lupus
Kidney Disease and Lupus
Skin Disease and Lupus
Your Central Nervous System and Lupus
Clinical Trials and Lupus
Diet / Nutrition and Lupus
Environmental Factors and Lupus
Pediatric Lupus
Aging and Lupus
Relationships and Lupus
Pregnancy and Lupus

* 12. Please list other Webchat topics you'd be interested in.

* 13. In LFA's efforts to communicate with people affected by lupus, please indicate what features and functionality you use on LFA's Website. (select all that apply)

* 14. What other features and functionality would you like to see with LFA's Web presence? (select all that apply)