* 1. Do you plan on being a member of MPSTMA in 2012

* 2. What types of events and educational opportunities interest you

* 3. How many MPSTMA events did you attend in 2011?

* 4. Does your organization pay your membership dues?

* 5. Is your organizaion willing to support / pay your:

* 6. Do you have any suggestions or ideas to address at the annual meeting?

* 7. Do you have any topics / speakers from your organization or outside of your organization that would be beneficial to have speak or present at one our workshops?

* 8. Besides the $25 off of green expo admission, the networking opportunities, and the educational workshops what can MPSTMA do to increase the value of your membership?

* 9. What types of events and opportunities can MPSTMA facilitate to help you and your department grow?

* 10. Please leave any additional comments and/or your name and contact information if you'd like MPSTMA to contact you

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