In 2015, the United Nations set seventeen global goals that address a broad range of social, economic, and environmental issues. The UN’s adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs) are a turning point as they have effectively set the political agenda for the next decade and will influence the types of policies and regulations of our market. 

It is important for the International Publishers Association, as a leading global association, to ensure that that publishers are recognized for their active role contributing to improving society and are involved in the many workgroups and activities created from the SDGs.
The IPA is already active in engaging with the UN on several of the SDG goals, however, we would like to gather your input in order create a complete global picture of publisher contributions. This survey will take no more than 5- 10 mins of your time and will be invaluable in helping to engage with government, business or other stakeholders. Please feel free to share it with your publisher contacts so we can get as many responses as possible.

We thank you for your time in advance.

Kind regards,

Michiel Kolman
IPA President