* 1. How long have you been a member of NACIO?

* 2. What type of membership do you have?

* 3. Do you feel NACIO membership rates are fair in comparison with other professional associations?

* 4. What do you feel is most beneficial as a member of NACIO?  More than one answer can be selected.

* 5. Do you feel NACIO should expand its membership and partnership opportunities to other forms of government (ie: cities) nationally?

* 6. Have you ever entered an Awards of Excellence Competition?

* 7. Do you feel the Awards of Excellence Competition entry fee is reasonably priced and compares well to that of other contests?

* 8. Do you attend NACo conferences and activities?

* 9. Would you attend a conference for PIOs and those working in the field of communications for counties outside of NACo conference activities?  What would be criteria for you to be able to attend?  Please explain.

* 10. What types of other activities or member benefits would you like to see NACIO pursue?  Please provide ideas/suggestions.

* 11. Do you have any other feedback you would like to share with NACIO?  If so, please provide a response.

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