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2022 Study of Vaccination Status Among NYC Residents

Study of Vaccination Status Among NYC Residents

We’re inviting you to participate in a research study conducted by I’RAISE GIrls and Boys with support from the Hispanic Federation in New York City. Participation is completely voluntary. If you agree to participate now, you can always change your mind later. There are no negative consequences, whatever you decide.

What is the purpose of this study?
This study seeks to better understand the factors that impact New York City residents’ vaccination status, including demographics, experiences with the healthcare system, level of trust of the medical establishment, and the information used to make decisions. We consider these factors with attention to how race can influence one’s experiences with vaccinations and health care more generally. 

I’RAISE Girls & Boys International Corporation's mission is to provide a holistic program to improve social determinants of health for minorities ages 4-21. Our programs help improve the mental health, physical health, and social well-being of youth in high-needs communities. We implement a culturally sensitive and appropriate model that helps to empower under-resourced communities and schools to be resourceful and to thrive.

Our services include school-based counseling and mental health support, parenting support, youth mentorship and coaching, afterschool programming, arts and culture, science and technology, career readiness, and college preparatory and educational supports for children and youth.

What will I do?
You will be asked to complete the attached survey, which will take approximately 15-25 minutes to complete.

Risks and Benefits 
There are no risks associated with the completion of this survey. 

Potential benefits include increased attention to the barriers that people of color face in receiving quality healthcare. 

Data Security and Consent
This survey collects no personal identifiable information and all responses will be completely anonymous. Rather than collect your signature, your completion of this survey will be considered as consent to your participation.

For more questions about this survey or I’RAISE and its in-school offerings, please contact
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