Description of Survey Participation

The Pride Center of Vermont is collaborating with the Vermont Department of Health and their Ladies’ First* (name change pending) program to make cancer screenings more accessible for LGBTQIA community members, and we need YOUR help. We at Pride Center of Vermont are looking to understand the current rate at which our community members are being screened for both cervical and breast cancer and identify the barriers to care, in order to effectively change healthcare access for the LGBTQIA community. 

This survey is designed for people within the LGBTQIA community who have breasts and/or cervix. All community members are encouraged to fill out the survey regardless of identity.

All survey answers will be anonymous. If you choose to submit your contact information for the raffle drawing, that information will be kept separate from your survey answers.

All participants who choose to enter the raffle drawing are able to win one of four (4) $25 gift card(s) to a restaurant of YOUR choice.

If you have any questions or feedback about this survey, please contact Taylor Small at (802) 860-7812 or