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The African American Leadership Forum is inviting community to participate in the Collective Impact Work Stream Committees.  

The Collective Impact Task Force has identified four Problem Statements and SMART Goals that need your help to get to implementation. Please complete this form and tell the Forum more about how you identify as a leader, what are your interests and what resonates with you.  

Problem Statements for the 4 Focus Areas 

Family & Culture 
Problem Statement:In the Black community positive images are scarce. It is important for the Black Community to have a deep understanding of their local history in MN as well as see themselves portrayed in a positive manner.

Health & Wellness 
Problem Statement: Health and wellness is an essential part of success for the Black Community. There is an absence of attention to all aspects of health. There is little knowledge of ancestral practices and resources of current Black practitioners to offer support.  

Problem Statement: The education disparities are only becoming greater in the Black community. Mainstream education is centered in whiteness and with mostly white educators. There is a need for Black scholars to have access to Black cultural curriculum. 

Economic Development 
Problem Statement: There is a wealth gap that is only becoming greater in the Black community.  Black businesses don’t have access to the capital they need to create and expand business to supply the demand of our community.  Which results in the Black dollar only circulating for about 6 hours in the Black community. 

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