What's your experience?

Your right to support at work is being attacked.

The government is currently pushing through a Trade Union Bill in Great Britain that will severely restrict working people’s ability to organise to defend their jobs and pay and to campaign for a fairer society.

UNISON is campaigning against it because we believe MPs should be focusing on the real problems our country faces and working with everyone, including trade unions, to solve them, rather than taking away people’s right to be supported at work.

We believe UNISON and other trade unions play a very positive role in the UK, from providing a network of support and keeping workplaces safe to campaigning against prejudice and fighting for fair pay. 
We also know there’s more we could do, so we’d like to hear your ideas.

We’d like to hear examples of how UNISON has had a positive impact, and also ideas for how we can do more. There are only six questions, but please do feel free to write a lot if you have lots to tell us. 

Your examples of how UNISON has had a positive impact will help our campaign against the Bill, and your ideas for how we could do more will help UNISON become an even better union.

Every response is important to us and we will be using them all as the campaign moves forward.

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* 1. Please describe one way being a member of UNISON has improved your life e.g. did you get help with a problem at work? 

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* 2. What one thing could UNISON do to make your life better at work?