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Thank you for telling us about your Extraordinary someone! Anyone can be nominated as long as they have made a contribution to someone whose life has been changed by CML. If your nominee is selected, you will both be contacted. Details on the selection criteria can be found after the last question.

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* 6. If your nomination is selected, you have the option of sending a short video (no longer than 5 mins - on a phone is fine) describing what makes your nominee so Extraordinary. You can also choose to describe all the great reasons you chose your nominee during the presentation ceremony on June 14, 2019. You may also request that the MC read your submission.

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Want to know more about the CML Network's Extraordinary Awards? 
Deadline: May 13, 2019

Judging Committee:
The Canadian CML Network’s Evening of the Extraordinary program is a patient-run initiative. Nominees are selected by the Network’s Board of Directors, which consists of patients and caregivers. The judging committee also includes representatives outside of CML. Members of the Board are not eligible to be nominated.

Nomination process
: Nominations will be accepted until May 13, 2019. All information will treated with the strictest confidence. Nominators and selected nominees will be notified prior to the Evening of the Extraordinary. In cases where those selected live outside of Toronto, travel and accommodation expenses to attend this event will be reimbursed. Once nominees are selected, nominators will be asked to submit a short video (2-5 minutes, done on a phone is fine), or make a brief speech during the event and present the award. Nominators will also have the option of having their nomination read by the MC. Unless otherwise instructed, the Canadian CML Network may post videos and/or photos on its website.

Category Details:

2018 Brian Druker Honorary Award Recognizing Extraordinary Care in CML
A tribute to a CML specialist who provides a high-level of clinical care, whose expertise, dedication and compassion has positively impacted patients and their families and who has made significant contributions to CML research. This award is honorary, with the recipient selected based on patient and caregiver feedback.
Extraordinary Supportive Care
Excellent health care is not limited to what happens with your specialist. We all understand the value of care that we get outside of the cancer centre. Care that supports our well being provided by such as nurses, nutritionists, pharmacists, therapists, personal trainers, etc. Extraordinary Supportive Care recognizes a member of your care team who has shown an exemplary level of commitment to the health and wellbeing of someone living with CML.
Extraordinary Support Partner recognizes the value of support. The Extraordinary Support Partner honours an individual who has gone above and beyond in providing support to someone whose life has been impacted by CML.
Extraordinary CML Story recognizes strength, courage and determination. The Extraordinary CML Story honours the human spirit and exemplifies what it means to thrive despite the challenges of a CML diagnosis.

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