1. First Annual AM Innovators

The First Annual AM Innovators will recognize association meeting professionals--planners and suppliers--who are taking on the challenge of these tough times as an opportunity to find new ways to make their meetings more relevant, more learner-friendly, more profitable, and more productive than ever. The goal is to profile these innovators in our August 2009 edition, providing both ideas and inspiration to others to think differently about how they design their events.

Please fill out this form to nominate an AM Innovator. All submissions will be reviewed by a special advisory board of industry leaders to determine the final candidates. If you have any difficulties with this form, please e-mail Sue Pelletier at spelletier@meetingsnet.com

* 1. Who would you like to nominate as an AM Innovator?

* 2. What role does your nominee play in association meetings?

* 3. In which area(s) has your nominee brought new ideas to fruition?

* 4. Please describe how your nominee has brought new ideas to the meetings she or he is involved with and the resulting benefits to the organization and/or its members.

* 5. What impact can you envision your nominee's work having on the rest of the meetings and hospitality industry?

* 6. How can we get in touch with you?