1. Introduction


This totally anonymous survey asks the simple question, "if Barack Obama is found to be ineligible for President, what should be done?"

* 1. If a court or investigation finds that Barack Obama is not eligible for the Presidency, what should Obama's next steps be?

* 2. What should be Congress' next step?

* 3. What should Obama's cabinet do?

* 4. If none of the cabinet members are removed because of the Obama ineligibility problem, and Nancy Pelosi manages to escape condemnation, who would you like to see succeed Obama? Note--the list is presented in constitutional order, but the question is about your choice.

* 5. If the cabinet members resigned as a result of the Obama ineligibility problem, should Robert Gates, the defense secretary left over from the Bush Administration act as President until a new president is selected?

* 6. If Congress requires that a new Presidential election be held, should the election be held in 2009 or 2010?

* 7. If a new election were to be held in 2010, who should act as President, Vice President & cabinet until the election?