Welcome to the K&IM SIG Survey

Thank you for participating in our survey for anyone currently working in, or interested by the areas of Knowledge Management (KM) or Information Management (IM). Your feedback is really important to us.  Descriptions of IM and KM are available on the K&IM website.

The Knowledge & Information Management (K&IM) is a new special interest group (SIG) that CILIP (the UK association for information professionals) has created to address specifically the needs of people working in the areas of either Information Management (IM) or Knowledge Management (KM), or for those who are interested in these increasingly relevant and growing fields.

We currently have over 1,700 members, but we recognise there are many more KM and IM professionals out there; and K&IM wants to both support our current members in their work and ambitions, and also to engage with the wider KM and IM professionals, and communities. Our aim is to build a group that can provide relevant and dynamic resources that help foster good practice and innovation in the fields of KM and IM.

Answers to questions marked* are required. Responses will be treated confidentially and not shared with any third parties.

This survey should take around 10-15 minutes to complete.

Thank you, K&IM SIG Committee.