Friday January 27 & Saturday January 28

* 1. Business Name (Will Appear on Booth and Advertising)

* 2. Contact Information.

* 3. Describe Your Business, Products or Services. (Used in the Show Guide, plus used to keep competing vendors separated)

* 4. Booth Size Requested - Pipe, Drape and 2 chairs and at least one 8' table provided by Bridgeview Center. Booth Prices are discussed in question 7.     ** Please note, you do not need to pay today, you will be billed later **

* 5. Booth Location. NEW - You may request a specific location.  Booth Layout is here:BOOTH LAYOUT & SELECTION

* 6. Payment Type - what is your preferred way to pay for the booth fees? (Payment not required to register for the show)

* 7. Do you need Electricity? Electricity is $15. (WiFi is Free)

* 8. KIIC will again produce a Full-color show guide with vendor and session information at no charge given to the attendees. This Guide will also contain the session proceedings. If you would like to purchase advertising in this guide, please indicate below and we will contact you for information.  Use your Co-op dollars!

* 9. Thank you for registering - don't forget to press SUBMIT below! We will be back in touch with you shortly. You may add any additional comments or questions in the box below.  You may also call us if you have questions.  Contact Tanya or Gail at 641-932-2112.