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* 1. Name of School

* 2. Date of Presentation

* 3. Total # students participating

* 4. Grade Level for presentation (check all that apply)

* 5. Student Demographics: For our reports to the NC State Environmental Education Department

Please indicate the number of students in your class that fit the following categories

* 6. Did the Keeper meet your expectations? (on-time, capture students attention)

* 7. Please rate the Keeper presenter on the following:

  Excellent Good Fair Poor
captured the students' attention
presented the material accurately
demonstrated knowledge of the subject
solicited questions from students

* 8. Did the presentation parallel what was being taught in the classroom and the Standard Course of Study?

* 9. Please list new ideas, facts, or concepts that were presented?

* 10. What follow-up activities will you do as a result of this presentation?

* 11. How could we improve this program?

* 12. Other comments/suggestions: