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* 1. Name of School

* 2. Name of Teacher

* 3. Grade Level for students involved in Environmental Project(check all that apply)

* 4. Date of Project (beginning/end)

* 5. Total # students participating

* 6. Student Demographics: For our reports to the NC State Environmental Education Department

Please indicate the number of students in your class that fit the following categories

* 7. Describe your project: Please address any changes in activities from the original grant request

* 8. How did you evaluate this project? What were the results?

* 9. How will other students or the school benefit from this project?

* 10. Will this project continue or be a permanent addition or ongoing project for the classroom or school?

* 11. What, if any, follow-up activities will be implemented as a result of this project?

* 12. Additional Comments: