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* 1. Overall, How would you describe your experience with www.scsustudentjobs.com? (check all that apply).

* 2. How often do you view www.scsustudentjobs.com?

* 3. Please describe your experience with the hiring process for a position listed on www.scsustudentjobs.com.

* 4. What academic level are you at SCSU?

* 5. What is your major?

* 6. Will you use www.scsustudentjobs.com again for your employment needs?

* 7. What is something you disliked about using www.scsustudentjobs.com for your employment needs?

* 8. Tell us more about what you think.

If www.scsustudentjobs.com was successful for you in the past or if there is something you would like to see different, tell us about it.

* 9. If you have obtained positions in the past, which category did most of them fall under? (check all that apply).

* 10. Enter your e-mail address below. We will draw names each month for a chance to win a $10 Target gift card.

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