1. Haverford College Morris Health Services

Survey of Morris Health Services

* 1. Graduation Year

* 2. How often do you use the Health Services per year?

* 3. Why do you go to the Health Services? (Please rate all that apply.)

  Poor Fair Good Very Good Excellent
Women's Health Services
Reception area
On-Line Insurance Waiver Process
College Insurance Plan - BCS
Substance Abuse Educator
Massage Therapist
Orthopedic/Sports Medicine
Registered Dietitian
College Physician
Nurses walk-in clinic
Allergy clinic
Nurse Practitioner
Travel Clinic
Insurance billing Service
Cold/Flu Self Care Clinic

* 4. Please check all services used at the Health Center.

* 5. Please check all vaccines or services you have received at the Health Services this year.

* 6. Have you used your health insurance for billing at the Health Center?

* 7. Preference on how to pay Health Services bill

* 8. Please check all that apply of outside reference labs (Quest) you have had completed.

* 9. Are there other services/wellness activities you would like to see available at Health Services?

If you are interested in joining the Student Health Advisory Committee or the Eating Issues and Body Image Council please give name/or email address.

Please tell us your experience with the new billing system at the Health Center?


* 10. Have you had any positive or negative experiences with the Health Services at Haverford that you would like to share?
THANKS for filling out this Health Services survey.