What is Access 4 All?

Our volunteers are seeking to improve accessibility to public spaces, services and programs in Gary's Miller Beach and surrounding communities that would allow for full participation of persons with disabilities. We ask that you complete this survey to help us create a barrier free environment, that will allow for inclusion and participation. Access for All is a multimedia outreach series that has been created for Gary’s Miller neighborhood to educate residents, businesses, municipalities and service providers on the importance of inclusion of persons with visible and non visible disabilities within the community and city as a whole. This multi-platformed project prioritizes addressing the following areas: civic, cultural and recreational, physical environment, and transportation. Access for All is funded through a grant from ADA Indiana. Our series is a collaboration between Causes for Change InternationalGary's Miller Spotlight Volunteers, The Northwest Indiana Paddling Association, Great Lakes ADA and The City of Gary.

* 1. I have a disability.

* 2. I have a physical disability that affects my total mobility.

* 3. I use a mobility assistive device.

* 4. I know someone who lives in my community who has a disability.

* 5. How often do you participate in activities on the Lakeshore from Lake Street to Oak Ave.?

* 6. Currently, Do you participate in any of the following?

* 7. If you do not participate in activities on the Lakeshore, why not?

* 8. What type of activities would you participate if they were available on the Lakeshore from Lake St. to Oak Avenue?

* 9. Do you think there are too many Lakeshore events, too few Lakeshore events, or the right amount of Lakeshore events on Lake Street?

* 10. How important is getting out on the Lakeshore to you?

* 11. If you had to choose, what amenities would you like to see at the Lakefront on Lake St? How would you improve Lake front on Lake Street?