Pledge to Support the AAUP Negotiating Team for a Fair Contract

​Dear Colleagues,
On April 5th, we sent an email outlining the proposal that we received from the administration to extend the contract for an additional year.  Your response is important to us and we would like to remind you to pledge your support for the AAUP.
Several weeks ago the administration approached us about another extension of the Agreement. We made clear in our response that any extension would have to provide a substantial across the board salary increase, an improvement in our retirement plan, an improvement in support for scholarship and protection against lay-off. Their response was a direct slap in the face. A 1% salary increase (below the rate of inflation) the ending of the tuition subsidy plan for study at institutions other than Rider, no improvement in retirement, no improvement in support for scholarship, and no protection against lay-off.

 We have informed them that since they are not serious about providing a fair package in exchange for a year extension we will move to a full negotiation this summer.

The time has come for us to draw a line in the sand.

We need your support to show administration your commitment to negotiating a fair contract by agreeing with the pledge below. If you have not already done so, please click on the button below


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