* 1. When you request that a Mass be offered for the intention of a loved one, is the amount of money suggested by your parish a voluntary donation or a required fee?

* 2. How much is the suggested offering for a Mass intention in your parish ?

* 3. Where do you think this money goes? What is its purpose?

* 4. If your parish suggests Mass offerings, where do you think the money SHOULD go?

* 5. If you have ever given an offering for a Mass intention for a loved one, did you feel that you were making a truly free will offering or did you feel that it was expected of you?

* 6. If you have ever made an offering for a mass intention, is your donation typically the amount suggested by the parish or do you tend to give more or less depending on your personal circumstances?

* 7. Does your parish suggest a Mass offering for Mother's Day, Father's Day or All Soul's Day remembrances? (check all that apply)

* 8. Where do you think the money from these collective offerings goes?