* 1. Please provide your contact information such as: Name, title, organization, community, e-mail, address, and phone number.

* 2. Who in your Alaskan Region, Tribe, School, or Community is conducting or has successfully implemented programs on Alaskan Plants as food and medicine?

* 3. Who in your community is actively using plants in traditional native ways or traditional healing ways?

* 4. Who is actively working for the conservation of ecology or traditional uses of plants in your region?

* 5. Do you know anyone who is currently conducting research or recording data about Alaskan Plants?

* 6. Is there educational curriculum that you know of or have created regarding Alaskan Plants as food or medicine?

* 7. What challenges with state or federal policies regarding Alaskan plant usage for food or medicine would you like to see addressed?

* 8. What state or federal policies would you like to know more about?

* 9. Are there plans/programs that you know of for the future use of Alaskan plants as food and/or medicine?

* 10. What kind of programs would you like your Region, Tribe, School, or Community to implement on Alaskan Plants as food and medicine?

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