Okay, you aren’t quite old enough to vote in the 2008 election. But your opinions can still be heard!

Author Susan E. Goodman and the folks at Bloomsbury Children's Books think that kids have a lot to say about how their country should be run. We also think it would be great if those ideas could be known. So we’re asking you what you think about politics and voting.

When enough of you have answered these questions, we will post the results on our website: www.seehowtheyrunbook.com. Do you talk to your parents about politics? Do most kids? Do other kids agree with your ideas about the problems facing our new president? Take part and see!

When grownups vote, their choices are secret. The same is true here. So you can say what you really think. All we really need to know is about you is:

What grade are you in?

What city and state do you live in?

Are you a girl or boy?


1. Have you talked about the presidential election coming up in November with your parents?

2. If you could vote for president now, would you choose the same candidate that your parents are voting for?

3. How good a job do you think the current president is doing?

4. Do you think it makes a difference which political party wins a presidential election?

5. Click on the statement you agree with most.

6. Do you think you will vote when you have the chance? Why or why not?

7. Right now, most American prisoners are not allowed to vote, even if they are citizens. Do you think that being in jail means you should lose the right to vote?

8. Click on the idea you agree with the most.

9. Here is a list of some of the problems facing our country now. Click on the issue that you think is the MOST important one for our new president to work on.

10. Click on the problem you think is the second most important one for our next president to work on.

11. Click on the problem you think is the third most important one for our next president to work on.

12. What message would you like to give to our new president?