Cohort 2:   May 2019 - March 2020

The Kansas Healthcare Collaborative invites hospitals participating in the KHC HIIN to join with us in our second cohort of the KHC HIIN Hand Hygiene Collaborative.

By enrolling in Cohort 2 of the KHC HIIN Hand Hygiene Collaborative, your hospital's hand hygiene leaders are committing to be active in the following ways:
* Attend quarterly hand hygiene webinars (May 3, Aug. 16, Nov. 1 and Feb. 7, 2019-20)
* Create and implement a team-based action plan with SMART goals.
* Collect at least 30 hand hygiene observations each month.
* (Optional) Utilize the Qualaris web-based tool for monitoring hand hygiene compliance.
* Submit hand hygiene data monthly to NHSN or QHi.
* Share hand hygiene data with others in your facility.
* Be engaged in learning and sharing with your colleagues and peers.
* Engage in the collaborative's "SOAP UP" list-serv.
* Participate in occasional coaching calls.
When your hospital enrolls in the KHC Hand Hygiene Collaborative, your organization will receive access to KHC-sponsored software, education, coaching and support for your hospital's hand hygiene program.  There is no cost to KHC HIIN hospitals to participate.
If your hospital is new to the Hand Hygiene Collaborative, a Qualaris Healthcare Solutions representative will contact you to offer access to the  Qualaris software via a secure, encrypted website.  If you want to use Qualaris, you will receive an individualized consultation to customize the simple hand hygiene data collection tool to meet your facility's needs.  There is no software to download or install and no I.T. requirements to launch.  No free text or protected health information will be collected via the website. Hospitals may opt out of using the Qualaris tool.
Any software support questions can be directed to
KHC Hand Hygiene Collaborative questions can be directed to

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