The Dartmouth Learning Network has been supporting adults learners and their families who wish to improve reading, writing, and math skills to reach their learning and career goals for over 35 years.  As part of our strategic planning process, we are reaching out to members of our community with a request for you to complete a short survey. 

Your responses will remain confidential. 

* 1. Please tell us how you are currently connected to the Dartmouth Learning network?

* 2. Please rate the Dartmouth Learning Network's current services in order of importance.

  Not at all Important Not very Important Somewhat Important Very Important
Basic upgrading for reading, writing and math
Connecting all levels of government, businesses and community to the literacy environment
Employment Readiness
Family Literacy Activities
Creating & sharing new teaching tools and techniques for adult learning programs
GED Preparation courses
Literacy Awareness & Special Events
One-on-One Tutoring

* 3. If Dartmouth Learning Network could only offer three of the following services, which three are most important to maintain?

* 4. In your opinion, are there any services that the Dartmouth Learning Network does not currently provide to the community or our learners that we should consider offering or focusing on?

* 5. What do you consider to be The Dartmouth Learning Network's top three strengths?

* 6. What do you consider to be areas the Dartmouth Learning Network could improve upon?

* 7. What would you like to see the Dartmouth Learning Network do in order to become a better or more effective organization?

* 8. In your interactions with the Dartmouth Learning Network, how did we make you feel? Please explain.

* 9. What should the Dartmouth Learning Network do differently or change in order to remain a relevant and effective learning environment?

* 10. What do you believe are the greatest challenges facing the Dartmouth Learning Nework in the future?

* 11. How would you rank the Dartmouth Learning Network?