Thank you for your participation in our questionnaire about informal carers!
In this questionnaire, the term informal carer includes any person, such as a family member, friend or neighbour, who is giving regular, ongoing assistance to another person without payment for the care given.

Within Malta, informal care has long been carried out by the strong family networks present in society. However, today, roles and societal pressures are changing thus placing a greater care burden onto single individuals. In the case of the elderly, mentally ill persons with a disability, the role of a care giver is demanding, complex, time consuming and frequently associated with negative health effects. These can threaten the emotional, psychological and health well-being of the care giver if the care giving responsibilities are borne over a long period of time with no respite and support. There exists the need in Malta for greater dialogue among stakeholders regarding possible initiatives and policies for innovative approaches to support informal carers.

It is within this context that SOS Malta plans to organise a conference entitled informal carers and Volunteering in the Community. The aim of this conference will be to begin a dialogue between relevant stakeholders in Malta on the need for wider recognition of the role and contribution of informal carers in society, their need for support to carry out their role and the role of the volunteer sector in supporting them.

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