1. Hants County New Arena Complex

Our community is seeking your municipal, provincial, and federal tax dollars to build West Hants, and it's residents, a new arena complex.
Currently, there is an ongoing effort to locate this infrastructure near Long Pond, located off College Road on Dill Family Farm Property, and in close proximity to King's-Edgehill School.

It has been recognized that very little community input has been factored into this effort thus far, and a few concerned citizens felt it warranted to further understand your input on where you feel your tax dollars would best serve the community before it's too late.

We have interest, options, and access to Government, Commercial & Private funding!

If you would like to help influence our community's future, please take a moment to complete the following short survey.

Hants County - Small Community, Big Heart!

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* 1. Where do you reside?

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* 2. Do you feel like the community's best interests have been factored, and you have been kept accurately informed about the plans, timeline, and progress of the proposed arena complex?

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* 3. Do you feel the proposed location of College Road (Dill Property) is the best location for our community's new arena complex?

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* 4. If your vote mattered, where would you locate the new arena complex?

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* 5. If you had the option to invest $3M+ into utility services and road upgrades to College Road, or apply similar funding to the capital investment, improving the arena complex, which would you choose?