1. Welcome!

Thank you for volunteering to take this survey! The survey is an assignment for class, and will not be used for research. The whole survey should take about fifteen to twenty minutes to complete. First, I will ask you to provide some basic demographic information. Then, you will be answer a series of questions. The survey examines experiences with chronic pain. If you do not have chronic pain, I would like you to pretend you have chronic pain. Try to imagine how you may experience the pain and how it would impact your life.

Although the data you will be giving may be “fake”, the information you give will be extremely valuable for refining the measure. In the long run, the goal is for this measure to be used to design interventions to improve the well-being of people with chronic pain.

Thanks again for your help!

Amy Fuhrmann
Doctoral Student
Counseling Psychology
University of Maryland, College Park