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Thank you. You are presumably a past student in the NNIN/NNUN nanotechnology REU program. We have been conducting our program for almost 20 years old now and we have over 1100 alumni. Questions are always raised about the efficacy of REU type programs. You are a unique population- one of 1100 participants in one of the largest and longest continuously running REU programs. So we are curious about your final career outcome and any effect your REU experience may have had on it. For most of you it has been more than 4 years since you participated in REU, so you should be well on your way down your final career path. We would just like to know how and what you are doing. Thank you for your help. The National Science Foundation is really interested in this program assessment as there is very little comparative data.

Please leave your current contact information. I promise we wont use it for anything other than possibly to send you information about this study and the NNIN REU program.

If you would like to share a paragraph or so about your current postition with others, please send an email to Melanie ( mallison@cnf.cornell.edu) and we will put it in the next REU research accomplishments in our "history" section. thanks again.

Update: We just finished the annual REU Convocation, held this year at Cornell. This is the last under the NNIN banner, as NNIN is coming to a close. A new network, NNCI, is being formed which will replace NNIN. We hope that it will continue the network REU program.

Anyway, please help us evaluate our program by completing this brief survey.

Lynn Rathbun

NNIN Program Manager

* 1. Your Full Name ( including your name when you participated in the NNUN/NNIN REU Program).

* 2. Month and Year ( e.g. Oct-04) that you are completing this survey

* 3. Your active email address please---preferably a permanent email address you check regularly.

* 4. Your current mailing address please

* 5. Your current employer (or university) and position please. Add details if you like. We are interested

* 6. Check here if you participated in REU in 2013 or after-then skip the next question

* 7. What Year did you participate in the Program?

* 8. IGNORE THIS QUESTION- See Above ----What year did you participate in the program ( this is just here for compatibility with earlier versions--the question is repeated above)

* 9. Ignore this question--See question #9 with new choices.-Again , only here for compatibility with earlier versions-- I couldn't change survey questions once it is started but I could add a new one.

* 10. At what NNIN/NNUN site did you participate?

* 11. Did the program provide you with experiences that allowed you to see the breadth of nanotechnology applications? Rate 1 to 5

* 12. Did the program provide you with an understanding of possible careers in nanotechnology?

* 13. Did the program assist you in making future educational and career choices?

* 14. Did the program influence you (or reinforce your choice) to pursue education or a research career in science, mathematics, engineering, or technology?

* 15. Your REU experience was part of a network program involving 5 (or 13) universities. Did you think the end of program network convocation added significantly to the experience.

* 16. Your education path since the REU experience.

* 17. What is your current employment/education situation. ( if in transition, check where you are going)

* 18. Does your current (or expected) position involve science and engineering in any form.

* 19. Does your current or expected position involve nanotechnology (broadly defined)

* 20. If you are EMPLOYED in a science/engineering postion, please describe.

* 21. Has your opinion of your REU experience changed significanly over the years

* 22. Additional Comments about your REU Experience or on any of the questions, or additional information on your career path since your REU experience. AND WE THANK YOU VERY MUCH