1. Birmingham City Council - Bereavement Services Service User Questionnaire - Cemeteries

This questionnaire is used to gather information and feedback relating to the Birmingham City Council Cemeteries service.

Data Protection Act 1998: Birmingham City Council will use the information that you give in this questionnaire for the management of cemeteries and crematoria. The information will not be divulged to anyone else outside Birmingham City Council.

* 1. Please indicate which of the Birmingham City Council cemeteries this questionnaire relates to.

* 2. What is your overall impression of the council's Cemeteries Service?

* 3. Did you find the council's staff to be helpful and courteous?

* 4. Do you consider the Council's charges to be reasonable in relation to the overall cost of the funeral?

* 5. Have you found the Cemetery employees dressed appropriately for the service that is being provided?

* 6. Was the service provided at the time and the place you specified?

* 7. Have you found any literature provided to be clear and understandable?

* 8. Do you consider that the service which you have received was delivered fairly and sensitively?

* 9. Was the grave preparation to your satisfaction?

* 10. What do you think of the standard of grounds maintenance in the city cemeteries?