1. Introduction

This study is funded by the HRB, Clinical Research Facility-Cork, and is being led by researchers, Dr David O Riordan , Mr Kieran Walsh, Miss Mary Kinane, Dr Margaret Bermingham, Dr Frances Shiely and Professor Joe Eustace. Ethical approval for this study has been granted by the Clinical Research Ethics Committees of the Cork Teaching Hospitals.

We are interested in exploring the knowledge, attitudes and practices that healthcare professionals, researchers and others with experience of clinical trials in Ireland have toward pharmacovigilance  and adverse drug reaction (ADR) reporting in clinical trials. This is to inform future research and training needs in relation to pharmacovigilance and ADR reporting.

The questionnaire is straightforward and should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete. You are not required to look up any information. You can withdraw from the questionnaire at any time before completion. For more information on the study and what is involved, please read the information sheet for survey respondents. If you have any questions about the questionnaire, or would like to receive updates about the outcomes of this research please contact Dr David O Riordan at davidoriordan@ucc.ie

Thank you for taking the time to read the above. Your input is highly valued, and I hope you will participate.