* 1. Please tell us, who's completing this survey?

* 2. Was this your organization's first year participating in KY Gives Day?

* 3. How many paid fundraising/development staff does your organization employ?

* 4. Prior to Kentucky Gives Day, please describe your organization's experience with online giving.

* 5. How was your KY Gives Day registration on the GiveGab website?

* 6. Did you find the GiveGab website easy to navigate to create your organization's page?

* 7. GiveGab customer service was:

* 8. Do you plan to use the GiveGab platform (fundraising, volunteer management, etc.) outside of Kentucky Gives Day?

* 9. Our organizations was registered to solicit funds with the KY Office of the Attorney General, as is required by law.

* 10. How much did your organization raise through individual donations only, on Kentucky Gives Day (EXCLUDING your match and any prize money or golden tickets received)?

* 11. Approximately what percentage of your Kentucky Gives Day donors were first-time (new) donors to your organization?

* 12. Did Kentucky Gives Day help your organization raise additional money that would not have otherwise be raised?

* 13. Some organizations had a donor or other funder offer to give them a matching grant for an amount that matches how many dollars they raised through individual donations. How effective was a matching grant in encouraging donors to give to your organization on Kentucky Gives Day?

* 14. How much of a factor were prizes and golden tickets in motivating your organization's participation in Kentucky Gives Day?

* 15. How effective were prizes and golden tickets in encouraging donors to give to your organization on Kentucky Gives Day?

* 16. Were you pleased with your organization's KY Gives Day 2017 results?

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