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* 1. Give me some insight .. what are the biggest challenges you face in starting/continuing with your meditation practice? What gets in the way, the hurdles?

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* 2. I believe that meditation is a life skill .. a key tool for LIFE MASTERY!  My aim has always been find and provide the tools and encouragement to support you in taking 15-20 minutes each day to pause and reconnect with your deeper self.

What tools would help you most? Do you love:
*the written word (newsletters, eBooks) 
*online challenges
*being part of a community or membership program
*social media happenings
*in person classes, retreats
*short immediate exercises or longer practices

What can I offer you?

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* 3. I would love to hear about your favourite meditation practice(s), tools, websites or social media platforms/sites .. that help you with your meditation journey.

With much gratitude
Sarah, Quiet Mind Meditation