Travelers to Sacramento

The Amtrak San Joaquins rail service is considering modifying its train schedules to better accommodate weekday travelers heading into Sacramento. We are seeking information on potential rider interest in using the train, and feedback on how to schedule train arrivals and departures in the most convenient time frames.
If you  travel to the Sacramento area periodically, help us out by answering the following questions.

* 1. What Amtrak San Joaquins Station would you use to begin your trip?

* 2. What area of Sacramento do you visit?

* 3. How frequently do you travel to Sacramento?

* 4. What is your usual method of transportation to Sacramento?

* 5. If traveling to Sacramento with Amtrak San Joaquins were a more convenient option, would you be likely to ride?

* 6. If you took the train to the Downtown Sacramento Amtrak Station at 4th Street and I Street, how would you get the rest of the way to your final destination?

* 7. What time would you prefer for the morning train to arrive in the Downtown Sacramento station? (Choose all that apply)

* 8. What time would you prefer for the evening train to leave the Downtown Sacramento station to head south? (Choose all that apply)

* 9. Have you ridden Amtrak San Joaquins in the past?

* 10. Would you like to be kept up-to-date on Amtrak San Joaquins' efforts to bring early morning service and additional trains to Sacramento? If yes, please enter your contact information below.

* 11. If you are not interested in traveling with Amtrak San Joaquins, why not?