1. Background

Some residents of the Love Lane neighborhood have raised concerns regarding the volume and speed of traffic on Love Lane, perceiving that drivers and navigation applications increasingly utilize Love Lane as an alternate route between Highland Street and Route 20. In response to these concerns, the Town’s Department of Public Works (DPW) and Traffic and Sidewalk Committee (T&SC) have analyzed traffic patterns in the neighborhood and forwarded to the Select Board their suggested approach to mitigate these traffic patterns and concerns.

As one step in the Select Board’s process for evaluating and deciding on new traffic restrictions requested by a neighborhood, this survey is being provided for the Love Lane neighborhood (including Claridge and Sanderson), to confirm the extent to which all residents in the neighborhood actually support the proposed restrictions and agree there is a problem that needs to be solved. Your participation in this survey is an important opportunity to provide your input before the Select Board makes any decisions about the proposed traffic restrictions.

In addition to this survey of the immediate neighborhood, a separate survey is also being provided for residents of nearby neighborhoods, to assess their opinions of the proposed traffic restrictions. This is also an important component of the Select Board’s process, because a traffic restriction that benefits one neighborhood might also have consequences for nearby neighborhoods.

Please contact Kara Fleming in the Town Manager's Office (at fleming.k@westonma.gov) if you have any questions about this survey. Thank you for your participation and input.

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