This survey is to allow the YLA committee to gather information about our current process/events/etc. to help us improve the organization for the upcoming year. Please provide us with your honest feedback and add any additional comments in the text box provided at the end of this survey. We appreciate your help!

* 1. What industry are you in?

* 2. How many years have you been a member of the YLA?

* 3. The frequency of YLA events is:

* 4. The balance of YLA events is:

* 5. What is your preferred time of day for a YLA event?

* 6. What is your preferred LOCATION for a YLA Event?

* 7. What topics do you feel are most relevant or beneficial to your business / career? (Please check all that apply)

* 8. Should the YLA introduce a mentorship program to connect Young Leaders with established business professionals, would you be interested in participating as either a mentee or a mentor?

* 9. How satisfied are you with your YLA membership?

* 10. Would you recommend membership in the YLA to others?

* 11. Do you plan to renew your membership in 2017?

* 12. Does your company reimburse you for YLA membership and event costs?

* 13. Would you like to become more involved with the YLA (join the committee)?

* 14. How old are you?

Information regarding your family size and marital status will help us schedule programming and social events that best meet the needs and time constraints for all of our members.

* 15. Are you married?

* 16. Do you have children or plan to have children soon?

* 17. Would you like a YLA Committee Member to contact you?

* 18. Please provide your contact information. (Optional)

* 19. Please provide us with any additional feedback.

Thank you for your time. Your feedback is important to us.