1. Beyond the Pride Exhibition 2011 Improvement Questionnaires

Please help us create a better event in the future. The more information we receive the better understanding we will have in terms of modifying the event.

* 1. How did you hear about the event? (Please choose all that apply.)

* 2. When did you first hear of the event?

* 3. Was the time and date of the event suitable for you?

* 4. How satisfied were you with...

  Eh... So so... Adequate Good stuff Extremely WOW
...the duration of the show?
...the ticket prices?
...the information presented on the website?
...the quality of the overall event?

* 5. What was your favorite part of the show? (feel free to go into details)

* 6. What did you NOT enjoy about the show? (feel free to go into details)

* 7. What would you have prefer to see? (feel free to go into details)

* 8. Comments and recommendations:

* 9. If you have questions/concerns and would like us to address them, please place your questions and email below.