How Are We Doing?

We're committed to monitoring the quality of the services we provide, as part of an ongoing improvement process. We would appreciate your feedback on our performance. (All submissions are anonymous.)

* 1. Please rate the following aspects of our work.

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When I checked in, I was treated with courtesy and enthusiasm.
The staff members I encountered were helpful.
My NMJC tour guide was knowledgeable about NMJC.
My NMJC tour guide was enthusiastic about NMJC.
My tour guide encouraged questions throughout the tour.
The information provided by my NMJC tour guide was beneficial to me in my college search.
My tour guide left me with a positive impression of NMJC.
I visited with someone from an academic department, and I found it helpful.
As a result of my visit, I am more likely to attend NMJC.

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* 3. I am a

* 4. Date you visited the NMJC Campus:


* 5. If you have any suggestions regarding how we could improve the campus tour, please enter them in the box below. Additional comments are welcomed.