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This survey will take no more than 5 minutes to complete. Please ensure that the answers given are accurate.

* 1. What is your gender?

* 2. What is your age?

* 3. What type of law firm do you work for?

* 4. Where is the office you work in located?

* 5. What level of post admission experience (PAE) do you currently have?

* 6. What position do you currently hold?

* 7. What is your current salary as a package including superannuation but not including any bonus? (e.g. if you earn $80,000 plus superannuation per annum, please adjust the slider to $87,600.  If you earn over $300,000 slide to the very end.)

i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

* 8. What is your budget ? (please be descriptive, i.e. '6 billable hours per day' or '3 x annual salary including/excluding super)

* 9. Does your employer offer a bonus scheme?

* 10. If your employer offers a bonus scheme, at what level are bonus schemes offered by your employer? (select all that apply)

* 11. If your employer offers a bonus scheme, please provide details below as to how it is calculated for your role? (e.g. at Associate level you receive 10% of your salary; or at Senior Associate level you receive 25% of your receipted fees over budget etc.)

* 12. If your employer offers you, in your current role, flexible working arrangements, please provide details of what is offered to you (e.g. part time, working from home, days in lieu etc.)

* 13. Does your employer offer any additional benefits? (select all that apply)

* 14. In what month does your firm conduct salary reviews? (select all that apply)