The Arab American National Museum will be updating the Coming to America exhibit gallery and would like your input about new/future exhibits representing the Arab immigrant story.

This survey will only take a few minutes and your responses will be totally anonymous.

* 1. When you think of exhibits about Arab newcomers (such as recent immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers) what topics do you expect to see discussed? Please mark your top 5 below.

* 2. Below are seven potential exhibit topics on Arab newcomers. Please rate your interest in each topic on a scale of 0-5 (with 0=no interest in the topic and 5=high interest in the topic.)

  0 = No interest 1 2 3 4 5 = High interest
Stories of newcomers learning a new language and other cultural adjustments.
Stories of newcomers who are/were children when they migrated.
Stories of newcomers finding new employment.
Stories of newcomers experiencing bias/fitting into a new community.
Stories of newcomers finding a new home to settle in.
Stories of newcomers who are/were adults when they migrated.
Stories from LGBTQ+ newcomers.