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The Housing Department is developing an Anti-Displacement Strategy that will recommend solutions to produce more housing, preserve existing housing, and protect community members from losing their homes.

We want to hear from you and learn from your experience.

Your feedback will help us better understand what is currently happening in the community and shape the Anti-Displacement Plan. If you would like to follow the development of the strategy, you can share your email with us at the end of the survey.

This survey should take approximately 10 minutes to complete. 

Thank you for your assistance!

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* 1. What is your age?

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* 2. What is your gender?

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* 3. What is your ethnicity? (Please select all that apply.)

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* 4. Have you moved in the past 10 years due to an eviction, foreclosure, natural disaster, condo conversion, rent increase, neighborhood violence, or because your home became uninhabitable for other reasons (also known as displacement)?

*if no, please skip to question 22.

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