1. Satisfaction Survey

Please let us know if we've met your expectations and if not, why and how we can improve. Thank you.

* 1. My calls are answered within a reasonable amount of time.

* 2. The telephone staff was courteous, helpful, and caring to me.

* 3. The number of days I had to wait for my appointment was reasonable for the type of appointment I needed.

* 4. Please select the location of your most recent appointment.

* 5. Please select the provider that you see.

* 6. During this visit, the provider explained details about my condition(s), any related procedures, medications, treatment in a way that I could understand?

* 7. The provider, nurse/MA, and staff were kind, knowledgeable, and helpful.

* 8. Our check-in/check-out process was professional and conducted within a reasonable amount of time.

* 9. Rate your experience with us on a scale from 1-5; 1 being poor, 5 being excellent.

* 10. Please share with us how to improve our service. Also, please tell us if any staff member did not meet your expectations or went above and beyond your expectations.

We would love your input on how to better serve your needs!

If you would like to be contacted, please give us your information of where you can be reached, phone or email.