1. Listener-Member Ballot for KFAI 2013 Board of Directors

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Todd Heintz
I live in a diverse neighborhood in North Minneapolis. My neighborhood has people that are Oromo and Hmong. We also have people from Cuba, Mexico, Portugal and West Africa and African American and Caucasian. I would like to represent these people and North Minneapolis on the KFAI Board. I would be honored to be on the board.

Steve Jewell
I am very interested in the radio listener experience and growing the community identification with a local, volunteer based musical platform like KFAI. A listener since 1988, I have seen the growth and expansion of diversity programming and services. I would like to bring my business contacts, perspective and ideas to KFAI.

John Slade– Incumbent
I'm asking for your vote for Board of Directors. I'm an incumbent member, and was a key to developing the grassroots Strategic Plan process (holding three public meetings to get community input.) I'm on the Convene committee on the board, working on the issue of racism in the media (and how KFAI can lead in attacking it!)

KFAI is community controlled media. It's incredibly important in today's media to have stations like KFAI who serve the people. Huge corporate media conglomerates serve the rich and the powerful; without our station, democracy becomes weaker. As the Mission Statement says, “By providing a voice for people ignored or misrepresented by mainstream media, KFAI increases understanding between peoples and communities, while fostering the values of democracy and social justice. “

KFAI is ready to flower. We have a base of awesome volunteers, and incredible shows, both public affairs and music. We are beginning to produce online-only shows. We are building allies with two new low-power FM stations that will be coming to the dial. We are beginning to work in coalition with Community Action Against Racism and the Mainstreet Project. These are great new things.

Times are hard right now. Austerity threatens the country, unemployment is high and wages are low. If KFAI can unify around a strong vision, we can build a base of supporters to get us through these times. I would like to continue to help KFAI flower as your board representative.

Samuel Tekleab
I have been listening to KFAI for over a decade. I also get involved doing the pledge drive, both by answering phone calls at the station, and contributing my share finically. I speak three languages: Tigrinya (Eritrean), Amharic (Ethiopian) and English.

I feel that I can contribute more to KFAI needs by joining The Board of Directors. I enjoy listening to KFAI programs such as: Amy Goodman, Ethiopian Radio, Eritrean Radio, and more. I believe KFAI is a unique radio station because it provides a variety of broadcasts from different minority groups. By giving them a voice to introduce their music, culture, news and more, which is not found in other public or commercial stations.

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  Todd Heintz Steve Jewell John Slade Samuel Tekleab
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