Building Lancaster County's Library of the Future  

The Lancaster County Library’s mission is to provide materials and resources to meet the changing information needs of a growing community. With enhancement funds available to upgrade our facilities, we want to hear from you!
Please take 5-7 minutes to share your vision of the library of the future - one that meets your needs and those of our great community! 
While your responses remain confidential, the information that we receive will be used as we make plans for the future.
Thank you!  


In this section, please tell us a little about yourself.

* 1. If you live in Lancaster County, please select the zip code that matches your residence.

* 2. How many members are in your household?

* 3. Please tell us how long you have lived in Lancaster County.

* 4. In what age category do you fall?


Please tell us a little about your current use of the library. 

* 5. What library location do you use?

* 6. How many visits to the library have you made in the past year?

* 7. We are interested in all the reasons you currently visit the library. From the list below, select all items that reflect your current need of the library.

* 8. What is the main purpose of your current visits to the library? Select the one option that most represents your current library need.

* 9. If you do NOT currently use the library, please tell us why. Check all that apply.

Think about other libraries you seen or visited that have helped or inspired you. In this section, tell us about your hopes and dreams for our "library of the future." 

* 10. In thinking of your "perfect library," list three words  that describe that setting.

* 11. When imagining the "library of the future" -- one designed to meet your needs and those of our growing community -- please list a few features that come to mind.

* 12. Tell us what you most need from your "library of the future." Check all that apply.

* 13. The library is here to serve you. Is there anything we have not asked that you would like to share as we plan for the future?

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us!

Your responses will be used as we make plans for the Lancaster County Library System.