Do you have Driver Retention issues? If so, you’ve likely had to ask yourself ‘Where do we go from here’? If your company has tried, and implemented, many off-the-shelf programs, which have had a modest impact on your numbers, if any, and if that modest impact was not sustainable, we have an answer for you. If you have been down this road too often, then you have likely come to the realization that an effective impact on driver retention can only come from a holistic approach to the issue, rather than one of the one-dimensional solutions that exist in the marketplace.

We at inGauge are happy to announce a new assessment tool, just released, that is now available to help you. The tool is designed to determine where your focused efforts should begin, by answering a short series of questions. After completion, your company will be given an overall score for each of the following areas: Operations, Safety, Administration, Sales, Maintenance, and an overall Culture.

Designed by the team at inGauge including Ray Haight, Jack Porter, and Chris Henry, this tool reflects years of hands-on experience of this group of respected industry consultants. Round this out with Haight’s first-hand experience that was gained while he was President and COO of a motor carrier that took its turnover from 120% to 20%, and you end up with the collective knowledge that was used as the base for this new assessment tool.

The assessment tool is free to all who are interested in answering a few easy questions, and will reveal issues that you can focus on immediately to effectively reduce your turnover numbers.


• Please be as honest and accurate as possible as you rate your company on a scale ranging from strongly agree to strongly disagree
• For a good reflection of your company’s status and current practices in the above-named areas, please encourage each of your senior managers to complete the questionnaire. An aggregate score will be shared.
• You can have as many individuals complete this exercise as you wish, there are no restrictions, but please have each person you choose to be involved have the assessment completed within a 48-hour period.
• Only one individual’s contact information, per company, is required to gain access to the assessment tool and corresponding results.
• Results will be shared within 6 hours with the contact person assigned.

Our ultimate goal is to see this industry rid itself of the affliction it has suffered for far too long - excessive turnover. To that end, our subject matter experts will offer specific, practical direction derived from the input of your own people, for up to an hour at NO CHARGE. Should you choose to engage us after that we will gladly discuss what that might look like at that time. At a minimum, we hope you gain valuable insight into the root cause of your turnover numbers.

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