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We invite you to submit a proposal focusing on the impact of story telling on student learning, connecting students to the places they live, and building awareness & support for Kansas EE programs and organizations. This is a terrific opportunity to share your experience and ideas with your colleagues and advance EE in Kansas! Individuals who have not in the past are especially encouraged to participate. We are specifically seeking presentations on the following:

Friday, November 4, 2016 Taste of EE: A share-a-thon event
Examples include:
• Innovative projects and programs that integrate story telling to connect learners with the environment in new ways (arts, technology, literature, etc.) 
• Stories about Service Learning Projects that can be replicated and grow impact
• Demonstrate unique and innovative resources for EE programs and projects 

Saturday, November 5, 2016 Teaching and Connecting Through Story Telling: (This strand will focus on how to use story telling as a learning tool). Our brains are hard wired to learn through stories. How can we engage students in connecting to the places they live and understanding how our values, cultures, and history shape our landscapes?  (50 Minute Concurrent Presentations) 
Examples Include: 
• Students using creative technology tools or social media to tell their story
• Best practices for integrating environmental justice concepts including multi-cultural viewpoints in EE programs.
• Interpretation techniques that forge emotional and intellectual connections between the interests of the audience and the meanings inherent in the resources at zoos, parks, museums & nature centers
• The power of words and images ~ integrating arts and literature into EE
• Career and Tech Ed connections illustrating exciting careers in the conservation and environmental fields.
• Historically based EE practices and projects

Saturday, November 5 2016,Storytelling for Organizational Progress: (This strand will focus on how stories can help us tell what we do, and build support for EE). As a culture, we are overloaded with stories of doom and gloom. How can we cut through the clutter to illustrate the impact and importance of EE from our perspective and raise awareness in our communities of the importance of supporting and participating in EE? (50 Minute Concurrent Presentations)
Examples Include:
• Using social media and other strategies to share your program's success stories
• Integrating images and storytelling to build more engaging presentations
• Telling your story to potential partners to convey the shared value of collaboration
• Helping communities connect to environmental issues through storytelling
• Techniques using stories to illustrate the community process of addressing tough environmental challenges
Friday & Saturday, November 4 & 5: Poster Session
Share the story of a student project or introduce an innovative idea for peer feedback using a poster to display in the exhibit area and interact during exhibit times.

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