* 1. The content was appropriate for the purpose of this conference.

* 2. I will take away actionable information from this conference.

* 3. The resource material will help me to share new strategies/knowledge with my organization.

* 4. The length of the conference was appropriate for the material covered.

* 5. There was an appropriate mix of lecture and active audience involvement.

* 6. Overall the presenter(s) demonstrate thorough knowledge of, and experience with, the topic(s).

* 7. I gained new and useful knowledge, understanding or insight from Dr. Scott Poland's address, Suicide and violence prevention; Lessons from the front lines of school crises.

* 8. I gained new and useful knowledge, understanding or insight from Dr. Matthew Wappett's address, Laughter and Learning: The Science Behind the Success of Happy, Relaxed Students.

* 9. What did you find MOST helpful during the Conference?

* 10. What did you find LEAST helpful during this Conference?

* 11. Are there any school prevention related activities you plan to conduct differently in your school/district based on the sessions you attended? If so, what are they?

* 12. Was this year's offerings related to cultural relevancy sufficient?

* 13. In 2015 the State Department of Education's Title I Conference is scheduled for the same time the Prevention Conference is traditionally held. Will this impact your attendance at the Prevention Conference?

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